PGM Fundraiser July 31, 2013

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Point Guard Ministries Festival Fundraiser - July 31, 2013

‘Share the Rock’

Article by Michael Trujillo of the Laramie Boomerang

Former University of Wyoming athletic stars, along with additional speakers, [shared] their faith-based experiences during an event [earlier this year].

The Point Guard Ministries Festival Fundraiser is set for 6:30-8:30 p.m. July 31, 2013 at UniWyo Sports Complex. It [was] free and open to the public.

"People are going to get the opportunity to come together, feel good about themselves, worship, sing and dance at the festival," said Anthony Johnson, fundraiser organizer and a former UW point guard.

Keynote speaker Austin Moss, deacon of Means Avenue Missionary Baptist Church in Hopkinsvill, KY., share[d] his stories about what faith has meant to him.

“Everything we do is going to praise, honor and bring glory to our lord and savior Jesus Christ,” Johnson said of the [Point Guard Ministries Festival Fundraiser].

Former NFL player Galand Thaxton and current men’s basketball assistant coach Allen Edwards emcee[d] and [spoke] at the event.

The Cheyenne Hills Worship Team, will provide[d] music.

“This has always been on my heart,” Johnson said. “I have had heart, passion and vision of this for many years, so I talked about starting it and I had support from my board and others.”

Point Guard Ministries become an official nonprofit organization last year, but Johnson started the ministry three years ago, after he retired from the UW Police Department.

“This is what God has called me to do with Point Guard Ministries,” he said. “This ministry is to give people an opportunity through love of people, not judging people, and sharing what I believe is the truth. The big thing about being a point guard is you get everyone involved. You share the rock. You make them look good, you give them good passes. With this ministry I am trying to do the same.

“What I do with students is encourage them and help them with their stay in Laramie. I think the Bible is a wonderful tool to show us how to live. When you look at the Scriptures, there is a wealth of information and wisdom. It has been my life manual.

“Christ loves you with everlasting love. He will always love us, he will never quit loving us and people need to know that. That’s the Lord I serve. I want to share that with everyone because a lot of people don’t have hope in our nation and world.”