Point Guard Ministries' Staff and Mission

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Our Mission

Formed in 2012, Point Guard Ministries (PGM) reflects Anthony Johnson's former role on the court, as well as the current desire of his heart.

Anthony Johnson

Point Guard Ministries will "assist" others in the Kingdom of God by:

  • Spreading the Gospel to non-believers
  • Discipling and mentoring those wanting a stronger relationship with God
  • Connecting with local churches and campus organizations
  • Providing mentoring, support, and pre-marital counseling

Anthony Johnson was born in Chicago, played at the University of Wyoming from 1979-1983, and formed Point Guard Ministries after 27 years with the UW Police Department.

His life changed in 1992 after trials helped reveal his lost condition, the need for repentance and forgiveness through Jesus, and the reality of God's grace. This change lead to being an elder for 16 years and and interim pastor for a year before founding Point Guard Ministries.

Our Staff

Anthony Johnson - President

Mary Garland - Secretary / Treasurer. Non-profit and advisory board experience for 25 years. Currently involved in seven organizations including the primary role for the past 10 years as President and Co-Chair of foundation providing grants in the State of Wyoming.

Galand Thaxton - owner for 15 years of an insurance agency in Laramie. Former NFL and University of Wyoming football player.

David Potter - Elder of church in Las Vegas (NV)

Ron Marrs - former Board Member of two churches and also Treasurer for one of the churches. Professor of the University of Wyoming for over 30 years. Business owner utilizing his PhD in Geology.